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The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 2
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Van Helsing 2 dated for April, closed beta included with pre-orders

Van Helsing 2 - 05

Update: Story updated with a pack of new screenshots and a lovely new gameplay trailer, because I am stupid and didn’t do them when I wrote the original story. Oops.

Original story: Neocore Games have announced that The Incredible Adventures on Van Helsing 2 will launch on 17 April.

The sequel to the Diablo-esque monster-basher will cost $14.99 on Steam, but you can pre-order it right now on the official website to get a bunch of goodies. Paying $14.99, for instance, will net you a magic helmet skin, a Supporter achievement, and a perk that gives you cheaper enchantments. You can plump to pay up to $1000, although the $50 pack – offering a couple of extra minipets and all future DLC, amongst other things – is probably the priciest you’re actually likely to spring for.

Oh yes: pre-ordering any tier gets you instant access to Van Helsing 2‘s closed beta.

We’ve been covering Van Helsing 2 quite a bit, so I imagine we’ll have a review up close to launch. Hooray!