Vanquish gets another PC hint from SEGA

Vanquish gets another PC hint from SEGA

I think we can move Vanquish on PC to the “definitely happening” pile, if it wasn’t there already. After updating their PC port of Bayonetta with a little Vanquish avatar a couple of weeks ago, SEGA are back at dropping hints today.

The SEGA Europe twitter account has put up an image featuring the ‘Order of the Russian Star’ logo from the game. It also has a ‘2017’ in the top corner. An oft-requested port on PC, Vanquish would benefit an awful lot from higher, stable frame-rates than its original 360/PS3 release.

SEGA reaffirmed their commitment to bringing some of their back catalogue games to the PC platform in a press release that accompanied the Bayonetta reveal. Looks like another Platinum title will be the next in line.


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