Vehicles Return To Call Of Duty Warzone Following New Playlist Update

It has been quite an eventful few days for Call of Duty: Warzone players. With the introduction of new Operator Morte played by Italian star Fabio Rovazzi, many players would have been eager to give him a try. However, they would have had to do so without the use of vehicles. An exploit that had game-crashing potential was discovered. The game would crash for all if a vehicle was driven into a particular out-of-bounds area on the map. That specific problem spot, a ravine on the eastern part of the map, became a popular spot for ending a game abruptly. In response, all vehicles were removed from Warzone via a playlist update, with no inkling on when they would return.

Infinity Ward was quick to jump on the problem, sharing that a “playlist update is rolling out now across all platforms! This update temporarily removes all vehicles from Warzone.” A day after the removal, vehicles return to Call of Duty: Warzone via another playlist update.

Familiar ways to die

The relative peace and quiet in Call of Duty: Warzone certainly did not last that long. Killer helos and reckless drivers on the road were less of a problem, but now, everything is back to normal. As for the exploit, no explanation was given, neither was the removal of the vehicles addressed as well. However, that is not all for the new playlist update. Infinity Ward has now switched out both Plunder: Blood Money and King Slayer Trios. In their place, players can now jump into Plunder: Trios.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare's Latest Operator Is Star Fabio Rovazzi's Morte (1)

Of course, now everything in Call of Duty: Warzone will have an additional dash of vehicular manslaughter. If you are planning to roll over your opponents in your truck, you might as well do so with an Iron Curtain cargo truck skin. The new Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War easter egg can now be unlocked.

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