Velocity: Best Mini of 2012 Review

Publisher: Futurlab
Developer: Futurlab
Release Date: May 15, 2012 (NA)
System: PS Vita/PS3/PSP

shipNot many minis catch my attention but Velocity is worthy of the praise it has received. Voted the best mini of 2012 by the PSN community, I recently took the opportunity to pilot Futurlab’s mini masterpiece.

Velocity is a top down vertical shooter with several twists added to the original formula. You can speed up the pace, throw bombs and teleport in all directions, plus there are puzzle elements. At first it can seem like a lot to grasp but you quickly get the hang of your abilities as they are gradually introduced.


First bomb the yellow target, then rescue the pods in the yellow area.

The speed of the game is increased by holding R1, this comes in handy on stages where you’re racing against the clock. Bombs can be thrown either up, down, left or right by pressing circle and the direction. Bombs are essential for hitting tougher targets or targets not in range of your main weapon.

Now you see me...

Now you see me…

The coolest feature by far though would have to be teleporting. By holding square you bring up a reticule and wherever you’re pointing as you release square is where you teleport. Pretty cool huh right? It takes some getting used to but soon you’ll be looking like a pro.Velocity

Of course there is no official trophy support but there are in game goals that add replay value to the 50 stages included. All this, story elements and a mini price tag make Velocity by Futurlab a title not to be further overlooked.


+ New spin on a classic genre
+ High replay value
+ Dude, you can teleport


– Not big and shiny like full releases


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