Blops 2 Vengeance

    Pew pew pew! BLAMMO!

    Of course the best way to exact your vengeance on the staggered release date for the PC version of this latest piece of Black Ops 2 DLC would be to not buy it. Take that, Activision! The down side to this plan is that you would then not own Vengeance, which would be a shame if it’s something you want to play.

    I’ve already written about what this DLC pack contains in a previous news story, but here’s an even briefer summary: four multiplayer maps in “exotic” locations, plus an Old West addition to the zombies portion of the game called Buried. It’ll cost $15.00 USD as a standalone, and absolutely nothing (except what you paid up-front) if you own a Season Pass.

    But that’s not the end of what Black Ops 2 wants to sell you. No sir. On 22 August you’ll be able to buy some new “personalisation packs” to dress your pretty little soldierman dolls up with. These include the Glam, Coyote, Aqua, Pack-a-Punch, Breach, and Rogue packs, all of which you can take a look at on this page.

    Peter Parrish

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