The sequel to Vermintide is due next year, but Fatshark still have a piece of DLC in them for the first game. ‘Death on the Reik’ is available today, and for those who pre-ordered Vermintide 2, it’s automatically unlocked in-game.

    I know this, because it’s written in big capital letters no fewer than three times throughout the post on Vermintide’s Steam community hub. Hopefully everybody should be able to spot that.

    Death on the Reik otherwise costs $7.00 USD and adds a pair of new maps to the game (Reikwald Forest and River Reik). Your trip to the Reik is in an effort to chase down one of the Innkeeper’s men, who has stolen some dangerous books. It’s probably best if the Skaven don’t get hold of those, so you’ll need to get to the Dawnrunner barge, capture the thief, and destroy those tomes.

    In addition, Vermintide has been patched to version 1.10. After the trailer, you’ll find the notes for both DLC and patch.

    New Features

    Two NEW adventure maps – Reikwald Forest and River Reik
    One new weapon available to roll for in Ranald’s Bones for the Bright Wizard: Sienna Fuegonasus
    All new DLC achievements

    Fixes & Tweaks

    Cursed Rune: Corrected a location where items spawned partially embedded in map decoration
    Cursed Rune: Fixed location where the player character could hang from a ledge out of reach from team mates
    Cursed Rune: Fixed a small hole in the geometry seen after the finale
    Cursed Rune: Fixed location early in the level where rats climb out of solid ground.
    The Enemy Below: Fixed a small hole in the geometry, above the first grimoire location
    Engines of War: Removed collision from a section of the cave prior to the Skaven encampment that should not have had collision
    Engines of War: Fixed spot by the second grimoire where Skaven appeared through walls
    Garden of Morr: Fixed floating tree at the entrance of the cemetary
    Garden of Morr: Fixed uneven geometry on a tomb steps when looking for the source of the poison
    Garden of Morr: Fixed a small hole in the geometry right beside the huge intentional hole as you begin the escape event
    Supply and Demand: Fixed small hole in the geometry
    Trial of the Foolhardy: Players should no longer be insta-stomped by a special when traversing the portals.
    White Rat: Improved network sync of the bell strikes. Hosts and clients should see the visuals more or less at the same time now.
    Wizard’s Tower: Removed a jump that allowed you to meddle with the bridge illusion
    Fixed a couple of cases where enemies (mainly the Gutter Runner) would die when staggered whilst mid-air
    Fixed a case of Gutter Runners killing themselves by launching in to walls
    Fixed a case where enemies (Rat Ogre in particular) could phase through the geometry when staggered
    Fixed so that blood no longer fades instantly when spectating
    Fixed case where enemies falling out of the world would not give progress to contracts.
    Fixed crashes that could occur if client disconnected while being pulled up or while pulling up from ledge
    Completely overhauled bot jump code to reduce the number of failed jumps resulting in bots needing to be pulled up from ledge
    Fixed an issue that could cause bots from getting stuck in a loop of instantly falling off the ledge after getting helped up
    Fixed issue causing environmental effects on snow levels to not work on bot characters for clients
    Fixed animation bug making the made Kerillian play third person crouch animations after wielding a glaive while aiming a bow
    Fixed so that when hot-joining a match, you’ll no longer be prompted to interact with nearby ‘single use’ environment objectives that have already been used (think levers, switches, etc)
    Fixed some cases where enemy path-finding would fail
    Fixed it so that the it no longer shows “left button **” for unbound keys in the keybinding options menu
    Fixed Gutter Runner destroying doors from too far away.
    Made some improvements to Gutter Runner pathing when there are no available targets


    Haste: Changed, now causes reloads not to consume ammo for the duration instead of shots not consuming ammo.
    Quick Foot: Reduced movement speed bonus from 4/8/12% to 4/6/8%
    Grenadier: Reduced proc chance from 20/30/40% to 20/25/30%
    Hawkeye: Reduced multiplier bonus from +2 to +1
    Explosive Ordinance: Reduced radius decrease from 40/50/60% to 20/30/40%
    Berserking: Attacks are now uninterruptible for buff duration
    Killing Blow: Now requires the attack to deal damage to the target to trigger

    Trueflight Bow: Reduced max ammo count from 24 to 20
    Trueflight Bow: Reduced headshot multiplier from 4 to 3

    Longbow: Increased exotic charged shot damage versus unarmored from 8 to 10
    Longbow: Reduced ammo count from 54 to 46
    Longbow: Reduced max penetrations from 3 to 2
    Longbow: Increased max penetrations of light shot from 1 to 2

    Shortbow: Increased max penetrations of charged shot from 1 to 2

    Dual Wield Daggers: Increased exotic unarmored damage from 3 to 3.5
    Dual Wield Daggers: Added 2.5x Headshot multiplier to heavy attack

    Pick: Increased attack range of light attack and heavy attacks
    Pick: Increased attack speed of light attacks slightly
    Pick: Reduced charge time needed to trigger super heavy charge attack

    2h Axe: Increased attack speed of light attacks
    2h Axe: Increased attack range of light and heavy attacks

    2h Hammer: Increased attack range of light attacks

    2h Sword: Increased attack range of light and heavy attacks

    Glaive: Increased attack range of heavy attacks

    Handgun: Reduced reload speed from 2.5 to 2 seconds
    Handgun: Increased damage versus resistant to 26/31/36

    Flaming Sword: Increased light stab dot damage
    Flaming Sword: Increased heavy attack dot damage

    Falchion: Slightly reduced attack speed
    Falchion: Reduced attack range by 20%

    Ratling Gunner: Increased health to match Stormvermin
    Ratling Gunner: Increased stagger resistance while firing gun

    Peter Parrish

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