Upcoming Vfx Update For League Of Legends Enhances Kog'maw (1)

While content updates that add new heroes and events are usually the most sought-after for live service games like League of Legends, there are also other ways in which Riot Games can freshen up the experience, so to speak. Case in point, an upcoming VFX update for League of Legends will do just that for Kog’Maw. Players can look forward to the champion becoming more of a visual standout.

This will be possible thanks to the new model texture and clearer gameplay icons. Also, it basically lets you vomit on the opposition in high definition. The VFX update will arrive on the League of Legends Public Beta Environment (PBE) in the near future.


Riot Games Lead Visual Effects Artist Oliver McDonald shared more on Twitter. Essentially, the Kog’Maw VFX update is meant to improve players’ clarity. It applies to missile widths, the R-edge indicator, and the W/P empowered state in League of Legends.

A new coat of paint

Skins that cost less than 1,350 RP (about $10 USD) do not usually get unique effects. However, Kog’Maw is definitely the exception with this new League of Legends VFX update. Considering that most of the champion’s skins only cost 520 or 975 RP, this is a fan-pleasing move.

With custom recolors being a recurring thing for most of Kog’Maw’s skins, McDonald has gone the extra mile to make them all feel more empowered in a sense. As a result, we’re getting better vomit. Just look at it in its green glory.

Upcoming Vfx Update For League Of Legends Enhances Kog'maw (2)

If you are using the Lion Dance skin, which costs 1,350 RP, there is even a unique Void Ooze effect that appears as a big ball of goop. As for other more recent skins, the new League of Legends Kog’Maw VFX update brings a subtle range indicator for the Living Artillery skill.

The update is expected to be on the PBE for an extended duration.

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