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Even if you barely follow any political news, you have likely heard of the invasion that Russia launched against Ukraine on February 24. This conflict has already proven disastrous, but thankfully, many have initiated efforts to help Ukrainian civilians affected by the war. One such initiative has come courtesy of 11 bit studios, which some may remember as the developer behind the critically acclaimed anti-war survival game This War of Mine. Specifically, 11 bit studios stated yesterday that, for a week, all profits made from purchases of This War of Mine and its DLC expansions will go directly to the Ukrainian Red Cross to help war victims in Ukraine.

11 bit studios announced this initiative in a statement posted via its Twitter account. The developer made it clear that, as a studio hailing from Poland that addressed the horrors of war through its work, it opposes Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and all of the suffering it has caused. It acknowledged that words alone will not meaningfully affect the current situation, however, so the studio has chosen to act quickly to help the Ukrainian people, whom it referred to as its neighbors.


“Let this message resonate with everything you know about this war and how war kills people, devastates their lives and homes,” 11 bit studios wrote in its Twitter message. “Let us — players and developers together — do everything we can to support victims of war in Ukraine.”

A collaborative effort

Fortunately, 11 bit studios will not have to go about this alone. GOG recently announced in a press release that it will support the initiative. Much like 11 bit studios, the digital distribution platform plans to take its share of the profits made through sales of This War of Mine send them all to the Ukrainian Red Cross.

The conflict going on in Ukraine is nothing short of tragic, but it is nonetheless great to see the developer of This War of Mine step up to help Ukrainians in need. If you would like to experience a compelling anti-war narrative while contributing to a worthy cause at the same time, then you could do a lot worse than purchasing This War of Mine within six days.

This War of Mine Ukraine game

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