Vigil Games has declared that it would “love” to have four-player co-op in any sequel to Darksiders 2
Stopping short of making any official announcement regarding an actual sequel, Darksiders 2 game director Marvin Donald told us that:
“…we think about [co-op] all the time. We wanted to do it in the first game, but it just wasn’t possible. Hopefully we can do it for Darksiders 3, but we haven’t committed to anything. That’s not an announcement by the way [laughs], but that’s what we wish will happen.”
Donald went on to say that, co-op or otherwise, Vigil wanted to have four horsemen in the first Darksiders. However, the workload would have been too great for a new studio working on a new IP:
“… to be honest, in Darksiders 1, we wanted all four horsemen in the game. It just wasn’t possible due to the budget, the required scope and because we were building a brand new studio and a brand new IP. It would have been four times more work.
We didn’t want to just reskin the same characters with the same set of animations, we would have wanted all four of them to feel completely different. Doing that within a single game and making sure all of the content works across four characters is something we hope to do the future, but we don’t know when.
There’s no way we can commit to doing that for Darksiders 3, but I can say that we’d love to do it. I guess the probability of that happening will be determined by how successful Darksiders 2 is, because that will have a direct effect on our budget and schedule.”
We’ve just published a fresh hands-on preview of Darksiders 2, here
Our full interview with Vigil Games’ Marvin Donald is coming soon.
Lastest Darksiders 2 trailer:

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