Virtua Tennis 4’s trailer takes a world tour

SEGAs latest trailer for Virtua Tennis 4 takes a look at the four-season career mode, that sees your pro touring the globe.
Extremely loud shorts are confirmed as an option, as is a board-game style tour overview and side features like signing autographs for fans. Aside from all these distractions, there’s also plenty of in-game footage to look at.
Virtua Tennis 4 is due for release on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and PC on 29 April. It’ll support the various motion controller options on all of those formats (save for PC, where I guess you’ll just have to wave your arms around and pretend.)
Top Spin 4 looked like it set the standard for tennis games, as John explains in his review. It’ll be interesting to see how SEGAs offering matches up.

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