Chris Roberts’ Star Citizen has set a new upper barrier for crowd-funding videogames, by hauling in over $6.0 million USD in pledges over the past few weeks. The final figure is said to be somewhere around $6.2 million USD, with the $6.0 million barrier confirmed as broken by the Roberts Industries twitter account.

“SIX MILLION DOLLARS! Thank you for being a truly incredible group of fans. We’re going to build you one hell of a game!” the post states, adopting an understandably delighted tone.”

The main Roberts Industries site appears to have collapsed under the weight of traffic again, which may be one reason why the $6.2 million USD figure is not necessarily final. However, there is a placeholder message on the main page which thanks everyone who helped to raise this much cash and outlines what will be happening over the coming weeks and months.

It’ll apparently take a couple of weeks to integrate Kickstarter backers into the main Roberts site and give them access to the private community that will now be helping to shape the game. Regular updates should return in a day or two when the developers have had chance to take a bit of a breather (and possibly enjoy Thanksgiving).

All ‘behind the scenes’ subscription plans will also begin to kick in shortly.

If you missed the Spaceport video posted earlier, then you can give it a watch right here.

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