Vita Pch 2000

Sony has confirmed via press conference that the Vita PCH-2000, popularly referred to as the Vita Slim, is coming to the UK this February 7 for the retail price of £ 180. The new model ditches the OLED screen for a cheaper LCD screen, and as a result can afford to be 20 percent slimmer and 15 percent lighter.

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Sony engineers did an often unrecognized miracle retaining the system’s battery life. LCDs notoriously suck battery life but the smaller redesign did not see a drop in battery life. Of course, this accomplishment is unrecognized because the battery life is unsatisfactory anyway.

The system is now available for preorder from UK retailers like GAME, who are offering the system for £ 99 if you trade in the last model, an offer I doubt many will rush to take. These new models will eventually replace old stock of the PCH-1000 in stores.

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