HTC Vive

It’s very early days for VR but there could be signs that more consumers are starting to jump in if HTC’s Vive sales numbers are correct.

87870 news reports that China Regional President of VR at HTC has said that the Vive had sold 100,000 units in August. HTC has apparently now sold a further 40,000 units in a matter of weeks according to and HTC representative.

The release of the Vive at retailers in the past few weeks may have also helped increase sales as more consumers try demos of the system.

In the big scheme of things, these numbers are still very low. VR is unlikely to take off until we see comparable hardware to the Vive and Rift at a much lower cost.

The majority of VR games are also still quite poor which will deter gamers from joining the VR community. Developers are still struggling to make compelling games because of the movement restrictions of VR. This is why we have seen so many shooting gallery type games appear since the hardware launched.

It’s going to be an upward struggle for VR and it will take time. Whether it becomes mainstream remains to be seen.

Thanks Techcrunch

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