As if VR wasn’t expensive enough! HTC has revealed that their upcoming Valve Vive headset will be more expensive than other headsets in the market.

HTC marketing head Jeff Gattis said this in a recent interview:

We want to deliver the most premium VR experience the world has seen. That’s not marketing speak, but more about where Vive is positioned in the market. This is at the high end.

Starting with the premium experience, even if it has a slightly higher price point, is the right thing to do from a strategic point of view. The price can always come down as the market grows. We know there is some pent up demand there, so there’s not so much price sensitivity early on. But to get the broader consumer adoption we’re all hoping for, the industry will have to drive price down to make it more accessible.

Knowing that Vive is a notch above other VR headsets, this was to be expected, but how do you feel about this announcement? Are you still interested in the Vive? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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