A rather surprising Tweet has caught the eye of gamers today. Eric Todd Dellums, who voiced Three Dog from Fallout 3 sent out this tweet today.


Now usually this would get the fans pretty excited anyway, but this isn’t quite the end of the story. Dellums then followed up with this Tweet when responding to a fan.


So that official permission for the tease sounds pretty promising right? I would imagine Bethesda are aware that allowing someone related to the game to hint at the development of a sequel could be pretty damaging if the actual game was not at least going to be announced in the near future. Not to mention the success the Fallout franchise has received warrants a sequel alone.

The real question now is what generation of systems can we expect to see the game on? Some are speculating that the game could release later this year, but the game could only be in early Alpha stages for all we know. For now we’re just going to have to wait and see what the future holds for the Fallout franchise.


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