Battlefield 2042 Voice Chat April Update

Tomorrow will see Update 3.3 arrive in Battlefield 2042, which will fix a variety of bugs and keyboard-related issues. However, that isn’t what has Battlefield fans talking. Alongside the confirmation of Update 3.3, developer DICE confirmed that both voice chat support and a scoreboard refresh are coming to Battlefield 2042.

The first rendition of the scoreboard will be available in tomorrow’s update, but a further improved version will follow in early April. The changes made will be based on the community’s feedback. However, one confirmed change planned is that DICE intends to make the scoreboard accessible at the end of the round.


It may be five months late, but come next month, players will finally be able to talk to one another. Squad-based voice chat is coming to Battlefield 2042. This is a huge plus for players who enjoy the team-based aspect of Battlefield games.

Outside of new features, DICE is also reviewing the current state of the weapons and vehicles. It has plans to re-balance the MC5 Bolte light tank. Also, a full-scale attachment overhaul is coming that will affect how attachments behave across the board. All of these changes are being made in an attempt to bring players back, as 2042 has struggled to maintain its player base.

Battlefield 2042 Scoreboard

A showcase of what the scoreboard arriving in update 3.3 will look like. A refreshed version with further improvements will arrive in early April.

A long way back

It would be no exaggeration to call Battlefield 2042 one of the worst-handled AAA games of recent memory. The fact that it has taken several months just to be promised that voice chat is coming to Battlefield 2042 is disappointing to say the least. However, things are starting to look up, and the potential for an unlikely comeback isn’t out of the question.

The implementation of fan-favorite legacy features, combined with the announced map reworks, shows that DICE cares. At least for now it doesn’t appear that the developer is ready to abandon 2042 and move on to another project. As long as that remains the case, then there is a chance for Battlefield to rise again.

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