Voice of Metal Gear Solid’s The Boss, Lori Alan hints she’s working on The Phantom Pain

Since Ground Zeroes was released, Metal Gear fans across the world have been eagerly waiting for news on the upcoming game, The Phantom Pain. Although franchise creator Hideo Kojima has remained tight lipped, it seems a familiar face may be returning.

The actress Lori Alan was the voice of The Boss in 2004’s Metal Gear Solid 3. The Boss was Snake’s mentor and whilst I won’t spoil anything, lets just say things didn’t go too well for them in that game. Since then Alan has voiced her character again in the PSP game Peace Walker but we’ve not heard from her since.

When a fan asked the actress on Twitter if she was working on The Phantom Pain, Alan replied “maaaaaaybe so?!?:-)))” Seeing as how The Phantom Pain will be all about Big Boss, it makes sense that we might see an appearence from his old mentor, The Boss.


Source: The Paranoid Gamer

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