Telltale’s three-parter about the “lost chapters” in Michonne’s life will continue at the end of this month. Episode Two of The Walking Dead: Michonne has just been given a 29 March release date.

    This second episode is called ‘Give No Shelter’, and will be followed by the finale (‘What We Deserve’) sometime in April. According to the synopsis, episode two will provide an “all too brief reprieve” from the consequences of the first installment, and Michonne’s state of mind is going to get even more fragile.

    Not the best time for her mental health to be slipping, really, but these things rarely stick to a helpful schedule.

    Telltale have released a video in conjunction with this release date news, but it’s basically a spoiler heavy recap of The Walking Dead: Michonne Episode One. Nothing about Episode Two in here.

    Peter Parrish

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