the walking dead a house divided (2)

“Shall we listen to some music?” “Sure.”

Did you enjoy the ending credits music for The Walking Dead’s second episode of Season Two? Maybe ‘enjoy’ isn’t quite the appropriate word, since In the Pines is not the most cheerful piece you’ll ever hear. It’s a traditional folk song said to date from around the 1870s in the Southern Appalachians, and (in case you’re worried) doesn’t contain any spoilers for the episode it concludes.

You can download the track for free at Telltale’s Bandcamp page (hopefully at least one of those download mirrors is surviving,) and also hear some other Walking Dead soundtrack pieces at Anadel’s page.

The Telltale version of In the Pines was arranged by Jared Emerson-Johnson and sung by Janel Drewis. It’s also rather good.

According to the press release accompanying news of this release, Telltale will be releasing the full Walking Dead Season Two soundtrack after the final episode is launched. You’ll probably have to buy that, though.

Peter Parrish

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