Wall Clipping League of Legends

Pathing in League of Legends has always been questionable — a new bug that’s been found makes it downright broken. Last week, Redditor Vandrillol posted a confusing clip of Fiddlesticks walking directly through a wall. We’ve all seen things that shouldn’t happen do exactly that on the Rift before, and maybe this is just another random, unreproducible instance of spaghetti code, right?


Wrong. Since the post was made last week, almost every jungle wall on Summoner’s Rift has been proven as susceptible to clipping through. Every champion is capable of wall-clipping at level 1, with no added movespeed; this bug is liable to be exploited in any game at any time. Champion size doesn’t matter either. A full stack, full HP Cho’Gath (the largest possible unit in the game) can walk through walls as easily as Yuumi.

Wall Clip League Of Legends

I was able to consistently reproduce the bug with only a bit of practice.

This video explains how to clip and shows exactly how a conscious abuser can exploit the bug to gain a competitive advantage. On top of that, with the proper items, champions that can reach high movement speed like Blitzcrank can walk through the back of Baron and Dragon pit without issue. Regardless of the build’s viability, and the specific clicking/positioning necessary to clip, there’s no arguing that right now this bug breaks the game in more ways than one.

This looks to be a deep-seated issue, similar to the Rek’Sai Moonshot or Invisible Nunu, which has been thoroughly documented by a group of Redditors that refer to themselves as the “Sionists.” They “secretly investigate bugs in League of Legends,” and one of their members, Caenaen_, helped figure out the wall clips as well.

The community is lucky to have such dedicated and helpful players, but the bug is common knowledge, which is concerning. If wall clips do prove to be as troubling to remove as the above bugs, it is an exploit that competitive players need to be aware of. Here’s to hoping Riot is able to fix the issue in the upcoming patch.

Vincent Santino Smarra
Vincent has been feeding on Summoner's Rift as Kneeandherthall since the end of Season 2. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, writing, and the silent agony between the last game of the night and falling asleep.

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