Mythic Entertainment has announced that it is shutting down two more Warhammer Online servers.

In a post on the official forums, community coordinator Andy Belford explained the decision to move players from the US servers mentioned below was made due to dwindling communities:

“WAR is a game that thrives on player interaction; whether it’s Public Quests, fast paced Scenario action or the thrill of large-scale Open-field Realm vs. Realm battles. Both of these factors must be taken under consideration when deciding the future of our unique rule-set servers.” He continued “And so, it is after careful evaluation and much discussion that we are announcing free character transfers off of the Dark Crag and Phoenix Throne servers. ”

Players on Phoenix Throne will be able to transfer to Iron Rock or Badlands, those on Dark Crag will be able to transfer to Gorfang or Volkmar. To help the transfers go smoothly, Mythic is granting a 20% bonus to experience and renown during the weeks following the open character transfers.

Despite the fact this is good news for players on increasingly deserted servers, it’s another blow for Warhammer. Mythic closed down over 60 servers earlier this year, then long-standing manager Mark Jacobs left the company following the merger with BioWare. A third of Mythic’s workforce was cut in EA’s restructuring a couple of weeks ago, prompting us to ask if WAR was doomed in our article last week. Sadly, this latest news seems to back up our conclusion.

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