July 21st, 2017

War of the Vikings adds character customisation

War of the Vikings adds character customisation

War of the Vikings - 05

Paradox Interactive and Fatshark have announced that now you, too, can customise your very own Viking or Saxon warrior in War of the Vikings. Or War of the Hairy Horny Blood Men, as we call it around these parts.

The character customisation tools let you try out new weapons and character perks as you set up your warrior to fit your playstyle, but they also offer a degree of visual customisation. You can slop patterns onto your cloak and armour, change the patterns and colours of your shield, swap out your helmets and taunts, and – most importantly of all – customise your beard. There’s also a level progression system that’s currently capped at 20, which gradually unlocks more loadout slots as you go.

War of the Vikings is on Steam Early Access now. Take a look at some of the customisation whatsits in the trailer below.

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