The next stage of the project’s development starts with invitation of thousands of new players from all over the world.

Gaijin Entertainment, the developer and publisher of the upcoming massive online universe of War Thunder is happy to announce the launch of Global closed beta test of the project which is set to begin shortly after this press release is published.

Today we start the Global beta of our combat MMO game – a massive testing program that will give players from Europe, America and Africa the opportunity to join the never-ending battles in the skies of War Thunder.

Furthermore, Global beta means that we’ll be inviting new players every week and those who already have access will be randomly given invite-codes that can be shared with friends without any restrictions. Also everyone who purchased Wings of Prey and activated their copy at before August 12th will be granted access to the Global beta automatically.

To give players additional opportunities to prepare for exciting aerial combat in the virtual skies of War Thunder we’ve created special War Thunder Starter Kits. These are various bonus packs that will be available for purchase only during the Global beta.

«Dora Starter Kit» and «Typhoon Starter Kit» upgrade player’s hangar with Fw.190D-13 or Typhoon Mk.IIb respectively, add 1 week of Premium account and 2000 Golden eagles. «Pacific Starter Kit» unlocks two full-scale Historical campaigns, gives 2 special gift planes, 1 month of Premium subscription and 5000 Golden eagles. Players who would like to get as much as possible and save a lot at the same time will be offered the ultimate starter pack named «Ultra»: it includes all content from the packs listed above, but the amount of Eagles is raised to 10000 in it and Premium account is given for 2 months.

Each starter kit automatically adds its owner to the list of authorized War Thunder beta test participants. The link to War Thunder Store is as follows:

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