War Thunder

Peace between the US and Japan was achieved with a series of beautiful air ballets.

Free-to-play WWII fighter plane MMO-thingie War Thunder has taxied to Steam and is now available to play through Valve’s mostly-popular digital service. It’s another example of the somewhat-maligned Greenlight program in action, as this title was indeed among the list of those Greenlit in recent months.

“Earlier this year, the amazing community on Steam was gracious enough to support War Thunder and help get us approved … the best way to achieve success in the PC gaming industry is to have the support of the Steam community and we are glad to be a part of it,” says an obviously chuffed Anton Yudintsev, the CEO of developers Gaijin.

Of course “free-to-play” doesn’t preclude people from spending money on the game. To that end, the Steam release has a special War Thunder Steam Pack that’s usually going to be $25.00 USD, but has 25% off until 19 August.

For that price, you get a Steam exclusive “P-36A “Hawk” fighter of lieutenant Philip M Rasmussen, one of the few American pilots who managed to take off to protect Pearl Harbor from furious attacks of Japanese planes” and a pair of ‘premium’ planes, the “XP-38G and A6M5 Ko ‘Zero’.” You also get two single player campaigns (the US Pacific and Japanese Pacific ones,) a 30-day premium account and 1,700 magic in-game currency eagles.

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