July 7th, 2017

War Thunder to recieve “massive” content update – More Ground Forces testers invited

War Thunder

Gaijin’s War Thunder is set for a stack of game updates this spring and the third wave of the closed beta for the Ground Forces portion of the game has just kicked off.

This third wave of testing is the final phase before the Ground Forces content goes into open beta and it also opens up all tanks that will be available in the open beta when it launches.

While testing of the tanks continues, Gaijin also has big plans for players more interested in the air combat with a massive content update (v1.39) which is due to drop this spring. This update will give players the ability to create content such as planes, locations, missions and camouflage on aircraft which will be a great addition to the game.

A further 18 new planes from the Korean War are also planned for release  including the MiG-15, North American F-82 Twin Mustang and F-086 F-30 of the Japanese SDF.

As far as the game mechanics and tweaks are concerned, Gaijin will be adding aircraft overheating and “control heaviness” to all aircraft. The interface is also being improved with a faster statistics and map, improved crew and control settings. Finally, new squadron special events  and Squadron Vs Squadron battles are being added.

If you’ve not played War Thunder then do give it a try, it’s a lot of fun and free to play.

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