War Thunder

After months of beta testing Gaijin has now launched the ground forces for War Thunder.

Many of you will be familiar with War Thunder and the fact that it’s a free to play aerial combat title but the game just got a little more interesting today with the release of the tanks. Unlike World of Tanks, this game integrates the tank warfare with the aerial combat to create a full battle experience which makes it a little more compelling to play.

Over the past few months we’ve been tinkering around with the tanks and Gaijin have done a good job of bringing some realism to the ground warfare, it’s pretty challenging when faced with players that actually know what they’re doing.

“Our goal from the beginning with War Thunder was to create a game that allows players to safely experience the perils of a full scale world war. The rumble you hear in the distance, is the sound of many of our six million players launching their earth shaking attacks using heavily armored ground forces. Players who prefer aerial battles better keep one eye in the air and one eye on the ground because the Ground Forces Expansion has launched!”,  said Anton Yudintsev, CEO of Gaijin Entertainment.

The Ground Forces part of the game launches with the Russian and German tanks which come in the expected light, medium and heavy tank categories. There’s also self-propelled artillery and anti-air guns which will be required for the Combined Arms mode where players in aircraft also take part in the battles on the ground.

New maps and vehicles are planned for tank fans but there are also updates coming for pilots with 1.41 which includes ten new aircraft as well as tweaks and improvements.

Paul Younger
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