TennoCon 2020 trailer reveal

2020 has been the year of many things, most of which not good. One of the casualties of the pandemic were large scale in-person events. Conventions and trade shows all across the world felt the sting of COVID from E3 to San Diego Comic-Con. To combat this, many events have either gone digital to keep the hype alive and make it through to next year where hopefully the world will return to normal. Or whatever our closest proximity to “normal” is.

One of these events was TennoCon, the annual convention for Warframe. The event was originally scheduled for July 11 but was pushed back until August 1. Since that date is almost upon us, developer Digital Extremes has dropped a trailer showing off some of what can be expected at this year’s show. Here we can see the new Hydroid Prime suit that will be added to the game. As well as a look at the newest area in the game, Heart of Deimos.

A frame for a good cause

As seen in the trailer, if you watch TennoCon on Twitch you will be able to get the aforementioned Hydroid Prime suit, as well as an Athodai Hand-Cannon. Just link your Warframe account to the Warframe Twitch account and watch at least 30 minutes of the show and that sweet, sweet swag will be yours. Last year, TennoCon attendees were able to help raise $250,000 for the Canadian Mental Health Association, and this year’s attendees will have another chance to help out a worthy organization.

A portion of all proceeds generated from the event will be donated to the Autism Ontario London and Alzheimer Society London and Middlesex. You can help support these organizations by purchasing event packs which are still currently on sale. The $25 Digital Pack includes some platinum, two emotes, TennoCon 2020 Syandana, the 2020 Sigil & Glyph, the New War Orbiter Decoration, and the TennoCon 2020 Display. For a little extra scratch, you can buy the Merch Pack for $35 that gets you a TennoCon 2020 shirt and pin. But you can also get both for $55 if you’re feeling extra generous.

TennoCon 2020 trailer reveal

The when, what, and who of TennoCon

TennoCon goes live on Saturday, August 1 at 12:30 PM ET, and will last until 5 PM ET. Then after the show, the Summer Game Fest will be interviewing Warframe developers and community figureheads Steve Sinclair and Rebecca Ford.

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