Warframe Update 14 overloads servers causing login issues


Following the release of the Warframe  Update 14 patch this morning, the game is suffering from stability and access issues.

Update 14 is such a big patch for Warframe players that the excitement to play and download the game update has killed off the connectivity. Since this morning players have not been able to login to the game. Players who were fortunate enough to get on earlier are now also experiencing login and stability issues.

With the US west coast just waking up it’s not likely to get any better soon and it may even take a day or so to settle.  You’ll probably still be able to download the update without a problem, but beyond that it’s a bit of a lottery as to whether you can login. Our advice is keep trying every hour or so.

We did manage to login earlier but it took around 10 minutes of constant trying. The joys of large patch updates.

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