September 5th, 2017

Wargame: Red Dragon beta opens with pre-orders

wargame-reddragon (1)

Eugen Systems’ latest real-time war game, Wargame: Red Dragon, is available for pre-order – and you’ll get free access to the newly-opened multiplayer beta if you opt to put your money down now.

Wargame: Red Dragon puts you in the middle of a fictional 1991 conflict between western forces and the Communist bloc, with 17 different nations and a staggering 1,450 units available, including warships. Yes, 1,450. All of which have apparently been “meticulously reproduced from their source,” which I can’t imagine was a particularly fast thing to do. Single player will offer a “dynamic” campaign system, while multiplayer will allow you to battle with up to 19 other players at once.

If it’s anything like its predecessors, though, you don’t need to be too put off by the words “war game” and “1,450 units” because – despite the depth and complexity offered – it’s not ludicrously difficult to pick up and understand. Having a beard or a degree in modern warfare might help, though.

Pre-ordering will cost you £29.99, but Wargame: Airland Battle owners can get 25% off on either Steam or the official website. Wargame: Red Dragon itself is due out on 17 April.

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