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Wargaming knows a thing or two when it comes to vehicular battles with warships and tanks, what with World of Tanks and all. But now it’s trying its hand in another popular genre — first-person military shooters. The company has announced that it will soon launch a closed beta for its upcoming shooter, Caliber. Signups are set to begin in Europe fairly soon, and the company has already indicated that the U.S. is the “next target” for release.

What does Caliber have to offer?

In Caliber, players have two different ways to play. The first is in cooperative PvE in a Spec Ops-style mode, taking on enemies from all sides. For those that prefer general PvP multiplayer, however, that’s included as well. Players can take on one another in team action, selecting from a number of national special forces. These include the U.S. Navy SEALs, the Kommando Spezialkräfte, and Poland’s GROM.

Each team will have specific operator roles. These include such roles as Assault, Support, Medic, and Sniper. As expected, each one will have their own certain attributes. Medic, for example, can help a teammate when they’re down. And Sniper can provide some good long-range assistance when the situation calls for it. You’ll need to work together using team tactics if you want to stay in one piece and eventually finish the fight.

The trailer above provides a pretty good vibe of what Wargaming has in store for its latest project. There’s not too much there in terms of gameplay yet, but Caliber definitely looks polished. It doesn’t have a release date at the moment, but European gamers interested in the forthcoming closed beta can sign up for it at its site. More information should be available soon as far as when it’ll start in the United States.

Considering how well Wargaming has done with competitive action in other genres, Caliber should be well worth a look.

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