Total War Warhammer Ii Warhammer 2 Beastmen Rework Guide Herdstones Bloodground Dread Favor Upgrades

The free update for Total War: Warhammer II significantly overhauls the Beastmen, one of the most neglected races in the franchise’s history. Indeed, you genuinely didn’t want to pick these guys for your campaign because their units and mechanics just weren’t up to snuff. Now, though, Creative Assembly managed to exceed all expectations. These mutated furball hordes are bound to provide an unbelievably engaging playthrough. Here’s our Total War: Warhammer II guide to help you with the Beastmen rework and various mechanics such as Herdstones, Bloodgrounds, Marks of Ruination, Dread, and Favor.

Note: For more information about Total War: Warhammer II – The Silence & The Fury, check out our guides and features hub, as well as our main guide for Taurox the Brass Bull.


Total War: Warhammer II Beastmen rework guide – Herdstones, Bloodgrounds, Dread gains, Favor, and more

The Beastmen rework is part of the beefiest (pun intended) update that we’ve seen for Total War: Warhammer II. Since we’re discussing many facets, I’ve divided this guide into multiple sections. Likewise, since we haven’t had an in-depth discussion about the Beastmen before, I’ve also added some tidbits regarding the bonuses for Khazrak the One-Eye, Malagor the Dark Omen, and Morghur the Shadowgave.

Note: The Beastmen rework is free to all Total War: Warhammer II players. However, if you wish to pick Taurox the Brass Bull in Mortal Empires or Vortex, you’ll need The Silence & The Fury DLC. Meanwhile, playing as Khazrak, Malagor, and Morghur requires Call of the Beastmen, a separate DLC that was released for the original game. It lets you choose them for the Mortal Empires campaign.

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