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Total War: Warhammer II – The basics of the Beastmen rework

Let’s talk about some of the basic mechanics for the Beastmen faction and the new rework.


The leaders of the Beastmen hordes

The Beastmen are a horde faction, which means they technically don’t go around capturing lots of settlements (though there’s a slight caveat which we’ll get to in a while). A vast majority of their buildings are constructed on a “per army” basis. The structures built within the armies of legendary lords will persist throughout the campaign. Unfortunately, those that are constructed by generic lords would be destroyed if they’re killed.

Here are the legendary lords of the Beastmen:

Legendary Lord Faction Effects Lord’s Army Effects
Taurox the Brass Bull Rampage and Momentum mechanics to earn rewards. “River of Blood” effect in regions after winning battles (stacks up to 3 times). This effect lowers the leadership of enemy armies.
+10% weapon strength for Minotaur units
-25% Dread cost for increasing the unit caps of Minotaurs, Minotaurs (Shields), and Minotaurs (Great Weapons). “Bloodbeast” ability. This is an explosive attack that lowers leadership and burns opponents.
“Juggernaut Raiding” stance – Raiding + forced march + lets you initiate attacks.
Khazrak the One-Eye -15% Dread cost for all unit cap upgrades. Reduced Bestial Rage penalties and detection chance when using the Hidden Encampment Stance.
+15% ambush success chance. “Vanguard Deployment” for Razorgor and Bestigor units.
+15% evasion chance when using Beast-Paths. “Poison Attacks” for all Ungor units.
Malagor the Dark Omen

(He can now fly, by the way.)

-50% cost for all hero cap upgrades. +50% movement range when using Beast-Paths.
+10% campaign movement range. -8 leadership and -100% casualty replenishment rate for local enemy armies.
+5 recruit rank for Great Bray-Shamans and Bray-Shamans. “Cause Fear” attribute for Harpies units.
Morghur the Shadowgave +4 unit capacity for Chaos Spawn. “Despoiler Raiding” stance – Spreads corruption and attrition in the region.
“Aura of Vile Transmutation” passive. This aura constantly damages enemies around Morghur.
+8% casualty replenishment rate and -15% horde building construction costs for all armies. +20% magic resistance.
Immunity to Athel Loren and Awakened Forest attrition.
+3 Chaos corruption for all characters. +5 Chaos corruption.
Morghur will always remain wounded for no more than 1 turn.

Tww2 Bstm Rwk Gd 1a

Unit caps and Bestial Rage

Now, you might’ve noticed a few tidbits mentioning caps. Well, unlike most factions in Total War: Warhammer II, the Beastmen don’t actually have any use for gold whether it’s to recruit units or pay for their upkeep. Instead, units are completely free, but most have limited capacity or caps. You’ll have unlimited freebies such as Ungor Spearmen Herd, Ungor Raiders, and Chaos Warhounds, but they’re relatively weak. To increase the caps of better units, you’ll have to spend Dread (we’ll get to this concept later).

You can also take a look at the image below which shows you the campaign UI for the Beastmen. You’ll see the Bestial Rage meter at the lower-left corner of the HUD. The higher its value, the better the horde’s overall growth (it allows individual lords to construct buildings and horde improvements). Bestial Rage gradually decreases, especially if armies are idle or if you lose too many troops. But, you can keep increasing this by winning battles and switching to raiding stance.

Tww2 Bstm Rwk Gd 1b

Army stances and post-battle options

Speaking of stances, the Beastmen have four:

  • Beastmen Ambush – All army commanders have this stance. It provides a chance to ambush an enemy army when you initiate a battle.
  • Hidden Encampment – Allows you to recruit and replenish units when in other territories. Your army also remains hidden unless you’re discovered. Khazrak has an improved version of this that significantly lowers the Bestial Rage penalties and enemy detection.
  • Use Beast-Paths – Similar to the teleportation options for Dwarfs, Skaven, and Greenskins, the Beastmen can also traverse the map with ease. Malagor has a better version of this that increases his army’s movement range.
  • Raiding – This lets you earn income while you’re in territories that you don’t own. Morghur has an improved version that spreads Chaos corruption and attrition. Meanwhile, Taurox the Brass Bull has a ridiculous variant. It’s basically a forced march that still lets you initiate a battle.

As for post-battle options, you’ve got the following:

  • Battles:
    • Sacrifice – Gain Favor but lose Bestial Rage.
    • Kill – Increase Bestial Rage.
    • Devour – Casualty replenishment.
  • Settlement captures:
    • Raise Herdstone – A mini-settlement of sorts which we’ll talk about later.
    • Raze & Advance – Gain Favor, casualty replenishment, and restore a moderate amount of movement points.
    • Loot & Raze – Gain more Favor, extra Bestial Rage, and restore a small amount of movement points.

Tww2 Bstm Rwk Gd 1c

Dark Moon events

Finally, let’s talk about the Dark Moon events which can fire every eight turns or so. These lead to a dilemma with several choices (at least four will always be available each time). Once selected, you’ll gain faction-wide effects for a couple of turns:

  • When One Falls – All damaged units will be fully replenished.
  • No Matter How Far – +50% campaign movement range.
  • Ruinous Incentive – +10 Bestial Rage.
  • Beastly Inclination – +15 melee attack and +30% weapon strength for melee infantry.
  • The Cost of Skill – -50% Dread costs to increase the unit caps of Giants, Chaos Spawn, Gor Herd, and Gor Herd (Shields).
  • All Must Fight – +4 horde recruitment capacity.
  • Endless Herd – +120% raiding income and +5 horde growth.

All right, let’s talk about the key mechanics such as Herdstones, Bloodgrounds, and Rituals of Ruin. Head over to the next part of our Beastmen rework guide for Total War: Warhammer II.

Tww2 Bstm Rwk Gd 1d

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