Total War Warhammer Ii Warhammer 2 Rakarth Monster Pen Unit Unlocks Guide

Rakarth’s campaign mechanics in Total War: Warhammer II

Let’s discuss the basic mechanics for Rakarth in Total War: Warhammer II‘s Vortex campaign.


Faction and lord bonuses

Rakarth has the following perks in the campaign:

Faction Effects (faction-wide) Lord Effects (lord’s army)
Monster Pens: Armies can field various wild beasts +8 melee defense for monstrous units
No vigor penalties from raiding stance -1 turn recruitment for monstrous units (minimum of 1 turn)
-10% upkeep for all monstrous units

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Victory conditions

  • Complete all rituals.
  • Win the Vortex campaign’s final battle.

Starting location and units

Rakarth starts Total War: Warhammer II‘s Vortex campaign in the province of Albion. Although he controls the main settlement (Albion), two others (Troll Fjord and Ice Pack Bay) are held by the hostile Skaelings. Your army has 2x Bleakswords, 2x Dreadspears, 1x Shades, 1x War Hydra, and 1x Reaper Bolt Thrower.

You’re also accompanied by a Sorceress (Lore of Beasts). She’ll become invaluable once you’ve leveled her up a bit.

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Rakarth’s skills

Once you reach level 2, Rakarth gets the quest for his unique item, the Whip of Agony. Meanwhile, at levels 6, 9, and 16, you’ll get the Scourgerunner Chariot, Manticore, and Bracchus (Black Dragon) mounts respectively.

For his unique skill line, Rakarth has “Carrion Crows” which can be obtained at level 12. It boosts his army’s post-battle and raiding income, while slightly increasing the AP weapon damage of Harpies and making them cost no upkeep.  You’ll eventually unlock the rest:

  • “Free-Range” – +5% replenishment (foreign territory), -10% enemy casualty replenishment, and -8 public order (enemy province).
  • “Breeding Program” – +8 melee attack for War Hydra and Kharibdyss units, “Frost Breath” ability for Kharibdyss units, and the “Abyssal Howl” passive for Hydra units.
  • “Harpyclaw Bolts” – +25% casualties captured after battles, increases the chance that monsters will be added to the Monster Pen, and “Harpyclaw Ammunition” for his army’s Scourgerunner Chariots and Reaper Bolt Throwers (these lower a hostile unit’s movement speed when hit).
  • “Pack Hunters” – +25% ambush success chance, +3 recruit rank, and the “Stalk” attribute for Cold One Knights, Cold One Dread Knights, and Cold One Chariot units.
  • “Apex Predator” – +10% weapon strength for Black Dragons, +3 recruit rank for monstrous units, and the “Murderous Prowess” passive for monstrous units. “Murderous Prowess” boosts charge bonus, melee attack, AP missile damage, leadership, and vigor.

Note: Sadly, none of Rakarth’s “red line” skills directly buff monsters that aren’t part of the Dark Elf roster by default.

Anyway, Rakarth also has some nifty abilities:

  • “Beastslaver” (self buff) – +25% base weapon damage, +25% AP weapon damage, and +16% bonus vs. large.
  • “Beastlord’s Gaze” (self/ally buff) – +16 leadership; stops effects of Rampage.
  • “Whiplash” (self/ally buff) – +24% charge speed, +50% weapon damage, +50% AP weapon damage, and +18% charge bonus; targets large entities, so it’s perfect for monstrous units.

All right, in the next section of our Rakarth Vortex campaign guide, we’ll talk about some opening moves, missions, and early-game tips.

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