Warhammer Dakka Squadron

For the most part, Warhammer‘s games have been doused in strategy, with a bit of action on the side. However, a new team is ready to take the franchise to the open skies with Dakka Squadron. This third-person aerial shooter is currently in the works over at Phosphor Games Studio. It’s set to release on PC later this year.

In Dakka Squadron, players will take control of a number of aerial vehicles — including Burna-Bommas, Blitza-Bommas and Dakkajets — as they shoot down adversaries. Over the course of the game, you’ll be able to equip your vehicle with new weapons. These include a variety of bombs and missiles, along with a large assortment of guns.

It’s not about being all on the offense, either. You’ll learn a number of special maneuvers. You can use these to try to get the jump on your adversaries before they blast you out of the sky. Build up enough “dakka” and you’ll be able to show off against them once and for all.

Airborne Orks, that’s apparently a thing now

The game features over 20 solo missions for players to take on, with both aerial and ground targets to take out. No word yet on if it features multiplayer, but we should learn more as development goes on.

Along with “incredible environments” that bring the world of Warhammer to life, Dakka Squadron will also have top-notch voice acting. This should make the enemy Orks sound more like a threat as they attempt to shoot you down. If you manage to keep up your flying efforts, you’ll unlock new missions and challenges. On top of that, you’ll also earn Achievements to add to your collection.

Scope out the trailer above and prepare to fly the unfriendly skies with Dakka Squadron later this year. Who’s ready to rumble?

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