Warhammer 40K: Dawn Of War II – Retribution Announced

THQ has announced a stand alone expansion for Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War II entitled Retribution.
Set ten years after the events of previous expansion Chaos Rising the game will allow players to choose from a variety of races to play through the single player campaign.
The first race confirmed by THQ will be the Orks, however developer Relic has assured every story arc will be different depending on which race you choose and the questions from previous Dawn Of War titles will finally be answered.
“We all love the Blood Ravens here at Relic Entertainment, but there are also a lot of fans of the other races and armies out there so we decided that Retribution should allow the player the freedom to experience the campaign from the perspective they select,” explained Jeff Lydell, producer of Dawn of War II – Retribution.
Additional multiplayer units, maps and an entire brand new playable race will be available when it launches in the first quarter of 2011.

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