THQ has revealed that a demo of Warhammer 40K: Space Marine will be available on all release platforms later this month.
Yes, even the PC! Amazing, isn’t it?
The demo will feature two different areas from the title, with the first being a munitions factory amidst a Space Ork horde. If you can manage to deal with the Orks (the bolter and chainsword will probably help), the second area will be a “Jump Pack” sequence.
23 August is the date to watch out for if you’re a PC or Xbox 360 owner. PS3 users will have to sit tight until 24 August. If you happen to be an ‘Honour Guard’ community member, you’ll get it slightly earlier: 22 August.
If you pre-ordered Space Marine through Steam, you’ll get an ‘early access’ period from 18 August across that weekend. Presumably this is access to the full game, rather than just the demo.
The full title is due for release in early September for everyone else. Have a read of John’s experience with the multiplayer side of things, here.

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