Warhammer Online producer Jeff Skalski has revealed that the next in-game Live Event will be called The Wild Hunt, and will arrive in the game around the time of WAR’s first birthday in mid September.

    The feature will apparently be a Live Event like none before, and will be part of Patch 1.3.1. which will include a lot of work done to RvR features in the game, such as city sieges amd fortresses.

    Skalski also revealed that, in the mean time, War’s next patch should be released this month. Patch 1.3.0b will contain some long awaited changes to the crowd control and AoE abilities, and tweaks to the Archmage and Shaman classes. Runes and Marks will receive the stacking enhancements in the patch too, meaning Runepriests and Zealots will be able to stack their Oath Runes and Marks of Chaos on allies once again.

    Open RvR rewards will be increased for players that fight enemy players outside keeps and battlefield objectives. Players will receive a 150% bonus to experience with the Field of Glory buff, up from 100%, and a 150% bonus to renown.Stay tuned for more on patch 1.3.1 and The Wild Hunt.

    Paul Younger
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