If you haven’t had a chance to check out Warhammer: Vermintide 2 yet, Fatshark has just the chance you’ve been waiting for. The publisher confirmed today that the Left 4 Dead-style co-op game is free to play on Steam all weekend long. From now through November 24, players can download the game and indulge in its enemy-bashing madness. The trailer below gives you a good idea of how chaotic things get.

The Skaven and Chaos hordes don’t stand a chance against you

All you have to do to take part in the free weekend is visit the Steam page and look for the option at the top of the page. Just download it, get your friends together, and start bashing heads in!

If you like what you play and want to indulge in more, there’s another special offer to take advantage of. Through November 26, players can purchase the core Vermintide 2 game for $7.49. There’s also a Content Bundle package available for $32.56, including all the released DLC packs alongside the game.

In Vermintide 2, players choose from a number of available warriors as they go up against the Skaven and Chaos hordes. You can choose between a number of available careers as you level up and send hundreds of enemies to their doom. What’s more, there are over 50 different types of weapons available. This allows you to experiment with various tools, including long-range and melee weaponry.

With a number of talent trees, enemy types, and weapons available, Vermintide 2 is sure to keep you busy. There’s also the Heroic Deeds system, for those that want an extra challenge. Don’t forget the Mod Support, too.

Again, the game is available to download on the official Steam page. Take these next few days and see what chaos the world of Warhammer has to offer with Vermintide(And don’t forget to invite your friends, too.)

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