September 5th, 2017

Warlock 2: Wrath of the Nagas expansion announced


There’ll be snakes on a (magical) plane (of existence) when Warlock 2: Wrath of the Nagas launches.

Wrath of the Nagas adds a cunning new ophidian race to the game, along with a new campaign, game mode, and more.

The new campaign – “A Clear Threat” – focuses on trying to stop the Naga armies from unmaking reality. The Nagas primarily build on water and they have a focus on amphibian units, so that should bring an interesting new twist to the hex-based strategy. There’ll be a pair of new Great Mages to lead the Naga race (the gorgon Sfeno and the Naga general Rhin-gaa-rook), and a pair of new lords (Ace Harpy and Secret Physician) who can be chosen as starting perks or encountered in game.

Warlock 2: Wrath of the Nagas is due out a little later this year.

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    • USMC03Vet

      Age of Wonders 3 just released a DLC that includes Nagas. I already got my fix.