August 23rd, 2017

Warner Bros. deal brings streaming MMOs through Gaikai

Cloud-based game streaming service Gaikai has today announced a deal with publisher Warner Bros. to begin streaming a pair of MMOs to players in the US. Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons & Dragons Online will both be available to stream directly from the game’s website, with no download or installation required.
This option should already be available for Lord of the Rings Online, and is coming soon to D&D Online. Both titles are under the ‘free-to-play’ umbrella, so after a registration process you’ll be able to get stuck straight into the game (up to the point where the ‘free’ aspects of each title ends).
“MMOs have always been one of the key genres that we’ve wanted to deliver via the cloud – never before has it been possible to play MMOs in this way,” says Gaikai’s Robert Stevenson.
Gaikai also offers streaming demos of various titles such as The Witcher 2, Fifa 12 and Mass Effect 2 though its own site.
Image taken from Lord of the Rings Online