Batman: Arkham Knight has been a terrible adventure on PC. The initial release, as we all know well, was one of the worst ports to grace PC from a AAA release in a long while. There were horrible framerate issues, textures weren’t even meeting PS4 quality, and graphical options were basically nonexistent. Essentially, it was like an amateur team spent a week sort of messing around with it and called the port good to go.

Shortly after the terrible launch, WB suspended sales, and the PC version of Arkham Knight went back into development. After waiting all summer and until basically the end of October, the game finally relaunched on October 28th. Surely, after all these months and promising people a quality product on relaunch, the game would be at least passably done.

If only things turned out that way.

Instead the new version requires a whopping 12GB of RAM, lacks SLI and Crossfire support, and there have been reports from many that Arkham Knight actually runs worse now than the initial broken mess. While most people would expect the developer and publisher to own their mistake and continue to make efforts to patch the game into the fully expected state, WB has decided the PC version just isn’t worth the fuss anymore.

In a Steam update on Halloween, Warner Bros. acknowledged that there would be things the developer would not able to fix, though there will still apparently be updates for those that choose to hold onto the game even longer. For those that have given up, until the end of the year, you can return both the game and the season pass for a refund regardless of how long you’ve owned the game.

Regardless of promised updates, this offer gives a strong indication that the PC version of Arkham Knight will never be up to standards. If you’ve been less than satisfied with the game, it’s suggested that you take advantage of this offer and get your money back.

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

    Batman: Arkham Knight refunds extended to the end of 2015

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