Warner Bros To Push Live Service As Core Component Of Upcoming Games (1)

With 2021 slowly shifting into gear, it is about time we look forward to new games on ever-improving hardware. The usual bevvy of AAA blockbusters, indies, and VR games will likely be joined by even more live service games. This is a development that is being echoed by one of the bigger players in the industry. Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment’s upcoming projects will heavily focus on live service models in the near future.

This was discovered by Twitter user MauroNL3, who gleaned the information from a job advertisement for a Games Production Intern role. Within the job listing was the key section explaining the position of the company. Warner Bros currently has several projects in the works, including casual and core games, and they all appear to have a heavy focus on live services. That means plenty of games that will constantly receive updates.


How this will play out for gamers remains to be seen. Developers could be adding more features, additional content, or expansions down the line. This is certainly nothing new, and judging from recent releases, it can either be a hit or miss.

Warner Bros To Push Live Service As Core Component Of Upcoming Games (2)

A new dawn, or a false one?

One of those Warner Bros titles with live service elements could be the upcoming Back 4 Blood. As the game relies heavily on online co-op for the full experience, it fits well into this model. We can also reliably expect the same for Mortal Kombat or the Injustice series in the future.

That said, there are likely other unannounced games that will feature live service models, based upon the language in this Warner Bros listing. This could mean the upcoming LEGO Star Wars game, or even Hogwarts Legacy and Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League.

The only exception seems to be the next imminent release of Gotham Knights. The game will tell its own story, and will not have much of an evolution beyond that.

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