Following our playtest of the new Land of the Dead area in Warhammer Online, we’ve got lots of details for you.
Yesterday, we playtested the new area with the developers, and brought back all sorts of information.Land of the Dead takes place in the southern end of the Warhammer world (with the rest of Warhammer Online taking place up north) and it seems to be roughly where Egypt would be in ours. Only with more zombies, skeletons, liches and the like.The area itself is a gigantic RvR zone, which only one side has access to at a time. The zone is divided from west to east by a river, with an Order camp on one side, and a Destruction camp on the other. At the western end of the river lies the Tomb of the Vulture Lord – a new instance, which will be 6-man on launch, with support for 24-man added this summer. Expect a three day lockout on this one, but the loot, we’re told, will most definitely be worth it.The zone also contains a whopping 18 new Public Quests, four of which are designated as easy, with the rest normal difficulty, and it’s not the easiest place in the world as players must be Rank 25 in order to enter. Even then, the easiest content is aimed at levels 31, with more aimed for those 36-40.If control shifts while you’re in the Land of the Dead you’re given a warning, and shortly thereafter, enemy players will begin appearing in the zone. At this stage, they can hunt you down in the instanced lairs dotted around the region in a new gameplay type called “Purge.”We’re promised all sorts of rewards to make the Purge gameplay worthwhile, and with some added emphasis to traps and “console-style gameplay” in the instances, PvP battles in there could be rather entertaining. Imagine trying to kill a host of Destruction players while avoiding death from huge swinging axes. And then someone aggros a group of trash mobs.We’ll have a full preview of Land of the Dead up tomorrow, with a lot more information on the PQs, the enemies, the traps, Purge gameplay, and, of course, the Tomb of the Vulture Lord. Stay tuned.

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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