Warzone 2 leak suggests a second Rebirth Island style map is in development

Warzone 2 Leak Rebirth Island Type Map

Rebirth Island made its debut in Call of Duty: Warzone in December 2020. Rebirth Island is smaller in size, allowing for more up close and personal gunfights. Also, you are able to respawn back into the captivating points of interest for a second chance at becoming victorious. The map quickly became popular, as it provides a different pace compared to Caldera and the previous Verdansk. Since its launch, though, the map has only received minor changes and some Easter eggs. If you’re reluctant to leave Rebirth Island behind with the launch of Warzone 2, a leak suggests another similar map could be in development.

According to industry insider Tom Henderson, a second Warzone 2 map is in development. Apparently, this map could be of a similar size to Rebirth Island. One of Henderson’s sources, who took part in a recent play test, said that the map could be seen in the menu, but it was early in development and unavailable to try out.


There is still a while to wait

It’s unknown when Warzone 2 will launch or when the Rebirth Island style map will join the rotation, if it even exists. However, during a company-wide meeting from earlier this year, Warzone 2 was reportedly set to launch “a couple of months after MW2,” according to another one of Henderson’s sources. This is much sooner than the first Warzone release, which launched approximately six months after Modern Warfare 2019.

Without confirmation from Activision, we can’t say for certain what plans it has up its sleeves for Warzone 2. Due to the popularity of Rebirth Island, it is likely that fans will respond positively to this Warzone 2 leak. Finally, Henderson notes that the original Warzone will still be available to play after the launch of Warzone 2. However, as you may expect, the developer support for the game will decrease over time.

Warzone 2 Leaked Rebirth Island Type Map

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