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Call of Duty: Warzone is one of the most popular games in the battle royale genre. However, players have been getting increasingly frustrated with the amount of bugs and glitches that are cropping up in the game. Most recently, players have been able to exploit the newly added radiation zones using stims. Now, it appears that a bug is causing players to be kicked from Warzone for inactivity by mistake.

Being kicked for inactivity is a common feature in many multiplayer games. If you are inactive for a certain amount of time, you will be kicked from the game and you find yourself back in the lobby. It’s a useful feature, as it ensures lobbies are not full of players who are not participating. Any form of activity or movement should stop the inactivity timer from counting down. Now, it seems that the inactivity timer is not working correctly in Warzone.


Getting mistakenly kicked for inactivity in a Warzone match

A clip was posted to Reddit showing the bug in action. As you can see from the clip, the player is prone, but opening the map and scouting the area for enemies. Despite this, they are kicked out of the game and returned to the main lobby.

Also, the bug kicking players for inactivity during a Warzone match appears to be becoming more common. Other players have been reporting that the same issue happened to them in the replies to the aforementioned thread. While some believe it could be because the original poster was camping, others say they were actively moving when the kick took place. At the time of writing, Raven Software is yet to respond to the bug.

With that being said, the launch of Season Three is just around the corner. Hopefully, some of the most frustrating bugs will be addressed in the patch. Until then, you will have to hope that you do not encounter this issue, especially if you are having a high kill game or you find yourself in the final circle.

Warzone Kicked For Inactivity Bug

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