How to fix Warzone’s friends list bug not showing players online

Warzone bug fixes

Since the beginning of Call of Duty: Warzone, a glitch has caused various problems for those trying to invite friends via the list function. The main issue with the glitched friends list is that it does not allow you to see your friends when they are online. Therefore, players are unable to squad up and hop into matches on Verdansk ’84 or Rebirth Island together. If you find yourself encountering this problem, there are some ways you and your friends can get around it.

One way you can join your friends on Call of Duty: Warzone is through Discord. Everyone you are trying to team up with will need a Discord account. All players will also need to have their Discord activity statuses on. Lastly, everyone will need their account linked with their Discord account. Once every player has launched Call of Duty: Warzone, all players should be able to squad up from the same Discord.


Invite your friends to a game of Warzone through regiments

Another possible solution is to create a regiment. To do this, navigate to you friends list and select the regiment tab. Then, select “create a regiment” and make a regiment name and regiment tag. When you have successfully created a regiment, you will be able to invite your friends using this option.

Warzone Friends List Bug

Finally, some players have found success when trying to invite friends in Warzone by changing cross-play settings. To try this for yourself, go to Warzone’s options menu. Then, select the accounts tab and switch your cross-play status from enabled to disabled. The next step is to restart the game and turn cross-play back on and see if your friends list is functioning properly.

The Warzone friends list bug can definitely be a frustrating one. Thankfully, these fixes have worked for some players trying to get around this long standing problem.


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