Warzone Victory Cutscene Bug

Call of Duty: Warzone Season Six is here and it has introduced a range of new content such as new weapons, a battle pass, and more. As Halloween approaches, it is expected that there will be some spooky cosmetics on their way. Last year, skins such as Leatherface and Jigsaw were added to the in-game store as part of The Haunting. Since then, more crossovers have taken place with Rambo, McClane, and Judge Dredd. Recently, it was confirmed that Scream will be one of the skins coming to celebrate Halloween this year. However, it appears that hackers have already managed to get their hands on the Scream skin in Warzone.

This is not the first time hackers have been able to use unreleased cosmetics. While fans were waiting for Zombies camos to be released into the battle royale, hackers found a way to use them before everyone else. Although hacking is an ongoing issue, getting early access to cosmetics such as the Scream skin is less frustrating than the likes of silent aim and wall hacks in Warzone.


Warzone hackers are getting scarier

A clip of the unreleased Scream skin was posted on the Call of Duty: Warzone Reddit page. The clip gives us a glimpse of what the skin will look like in the battle royale. It is definitely going to fit in with the Haunting of Verdansk event. Unfortunately, the user also notes that the player was using aim bot.

Although it can be exciting running into an unreleased skin, in this case it’s more frustrating than anything. If you spot a Scream skin in your Warzone lobby, you will know that hackers are present. Therefore, all you can do is hope that you do not bump into one before they officially release. You can spend your Call of Duty points to get the Scream skin when it officially arrives on October 19, with The Haunting event.

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