Warzone hackers are getting their hands on unreleased zombies camos

Warzone Hackers Zombies Camos

Call of Duty: Warzone has been overrun with hackers ever since the game launched. As the game has progressed, hackers are getting more creative, especially in Season Four. From silent aim hacks and hackers having an unlimited  UAV, it seems that nothing is off-limits for the cheaters that roam around Verdansk ’84. Now, it appears that hackers are getting their hands on unreleased zombies weapon camos in Warzone.

When the integration between Black Ops Cold War and Warzone began, the developers confirmed that zombies camos would be available to use in the battle royale. Although a date was not given, fans have been highly anticipating this release. The multiplayer mastery camos Diamond and Dark Matter have been available to use for many months. However, zombies mastery camos such as Plague Diamond and Dark Aether are still yet to be seen in Warzone.


Now, Warzone hackers have taken matters into their own hands. The prominent Call of Duty: Warzone Youtuber who goes by the name of JGOD shared a screenshot on Twitter. The image is from the stream of the popular Warzone streamer, Repullze. The streamer was spectating an alleged hacker. As you can see from the image, the player accused of hacking was flaunting a zombies mastery camo. The distinct bright purple camo will be recognised by zombies fans.

Zombies weapon camos seem to be an exclusive among Warzone hackers

The screenshot of the hacker suggests that zombies mastery camos do work in Warzone. Although hackers are managing to get their hands on it, the rest of us will have to keep waiting for an official release. At the time of writing, it is unknown when these camos will launch in the battle royale. However, the fact that hackers can access them suggests that they could be ready to roll out in the near future.

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