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The Call of Duty: Warzone in-game store is always full of various blueprints and cosmetics. If any bundles catch your fancy, you can purchase them using Call of Duty points. Many arguments have come to light surrounding pay-to-win (P2W) weapons being added to the store. Recently, it was found that the Mac 10 blueprint could make a gun that dealt 30% more damage than the base weapon. As a result, the developer fixed the blueprint in a patch update. Given the popularity of Black Ops Cold War weapons in Verdansk and Rebirth Island, Modern Warfare guns are less frequently discussed. However, a new discussion has risen involving the HDR Oceanographer blueprint in Warzone.

Due to the size of the map, sniper rifles can be extremely effective in Verdansk to pick off enemy players. The HDR is a powerful sniper rifle, and it has a high amount accuracy and range. It’s currently being speculated that the HDR blueprint will give you an even greater advantage that its base equivalent. A player has posted a comparison on Reddit, demonstrating the difference between the Oceanographer blueprint and the base HDR.


As you can see from the image, aiming in with the base HDR causes everything around you to be blacked out. On the other hand, you can see all of your surroundings with the blueprint weapon. This is advantageous, as you are able to have greater vision which can prevent you from getting killed when aiming down sight.

Since we had some talk about "pay to win" wepons with difference stats in the store, can we please talk about the HDR and the benefits it has with the CDL/Oceanographer blueprint? from CODWarzone

Will the Oceanographer HDR Warzone blueprint ever get a fix?

Having a clear peripheral is definitely a big bonus compared to the blacked-out version of the sniper rifle. The HDR is a Modern Warfare weapon. Therefore, it’s unknown if the developer will address it in the same way as the Mac 10 blueprint. It will be interesting to see if any more controversial blueprints are added to the store as the game continues to progress.

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