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Getting your loadout is the most important part of Warzone Pacific matches. You need to access your loadout and get your hands on the meta guns, such as the dominant Bren and the powerful MP40, to begin slaying through the lobby. However, something as simple as getting your loadout is becoming problematic. Thanks to a bug, it appears that many loadouts are finding their way underneath the Warzone Pacific map.

A Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific player posted a clip on Reddit of the loadout bug in action. The clip shows a marked loadout on the mini map. As you can see, the loadout that is supposed to remain static is moving across the map. The user notes that once they hunted it down, their loadout was actually under the map.


Many fellow Warzone Pacific fans commented their shared frustrations at the glitch. One comment claims to have experienced the bug themselves in the exact same area of the map. In addition, another explained that it happens to them every time the free loadout drops near the top of the Peak point of interest.

This is not the first time

During the Verdansk days, this bug made its way into the game on more than one occasion. Eventually, the developers were able to stamp it out. Hopefully, Raven Software can do the same this time around. Recently, Activision put out a statement to the Call of Duty community promising to fix the state of Warzone Pacific. So, we can expect an influx of bug fixes to be deployed in future weeks. After all, Season Two is delayed in favor of improving the game. To keep an eye on the bugs and glitches that are being investigated, you can visit the Warzone Pacific Trello Board.

Warzone Pacific loadout bug

Recent Call of Duty games have been plagued by issues, but hopefully fixes are in the works.

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